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working the steps seems to require the same – if not more – presence of mind, strength of will, and capacity than Just Quitting does.

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I ran across the above blog when I did a tag search on wordpress for aa. I have to agree with a lot of what I saw there, except there’s one crucial difference – I still “believe” in AA and want it to be part of my sobriety.

Yes, AA has the same success rate as Doing Nothing. Maybe I’m brainwashed but Doing Nothing scares me – even though I achieved my only years-long abstinence after I stopped attending AA.

Perusing the blogroll of Stinkin Thinkin I ended up at a site (or two) that had several articles and links about Controlled Drinking and Alcoholism Is Not A Disease. I had to run, very fatal sounding stuff for me to consider. I’ve been me my whole life and no part of me can concede that I am not sick as hell when it comes to alcohol. I mean, the only reason Controlled Drinking caught my eye was as a possible route to intoxication.

I digress. AA is about the steps, no way around it. And folks die to avoid them. Will I? I might if I don’t unlearn certain received notions, or unless the supernatural rescuer fixes me. The most progress I can claim today is that I am willing to concede that either of those is possible.


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February 27, 2010 at 10:03

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  1. vey simply, do what you need to do. What other people need to do is what other people need to do. AA is, in fact, about the steps. If that is the way you want to go, go ahead. That, by no stretch of the imagination, is the only way. We are not talking about a settled diagnosis and a settled course of treatment. It will be many years before that will happen — if ever. No one has a success rate. No one can even define ‘success’, never mind measure it.


    February 27, 2010 at 10:31

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