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Take two on the blog. Since the last post I went back into detox and through treatment again at the same facility. (That would be take, I don’t know, 45?) This, then is the entry where I come back and point out how amazing it is that I can write about how glad I am I’m not in a treatment center and run myself right back into one less than 2 months later.
My inclination is to skip all details, or outline everything in a ridiculous post, and I think erring on the conservative side seems right in this case. Relapse is familiar ground, part of the process, etc. This is simply the icebreaker entry that I have been putting off, so I can maybe get back to it.
I often think it’s pointless to codify all this mental self-absorption, anecdotes, theories really, becasue it’s all transient and really because I can’t prove it ever mattered or ever will. It’s all transient and it may just be completely irrelevant if I understand anything that’s ever happened. (Except, of course, The Great War.) I’m going to do it anyway as a sponsor (1 of 2; they are named R and S) suggested it after observing my writing can make sense from time to time, whereas I talk in circles most of the time.


Written by xty

February 25, 2010 at 13:01

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