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“Once ruined, baby, you stay ruined” – The National, John’s Star

Listening to The National creates the desire to drink in me. I’m wondering how detailed to get here, and deciding to drop that so I don’t want a gin and tonic. It is, after all, Sunday morning, more perfect for drinking than Saturday night in my mind. Cravings can color a whole day or just slip in and out of a second like a mean but sexy cat, dancing.

I discovered the band while perusing pitchfork at a bar/restaurant in P-Town, overlooking the water and awaiting my new girlfriend, whom I’d met while enjoying my first beer in over 6 years the night before. (And she was, immediately, my girlfriend.) So, they are colored by that and having been a 2 year soundtrack to drinking. Even though I played them when I wasn’t actively imbibing, drinking was part of who I was during those years. Another recently discovered band, Rock Plaza Central, has no associations for me and I can be totally present listening to them.

There is no other music like The National, quintessentially 21st century and American, charismatic and not a little alcohol soaked. They are fucking cool and great; c’mon, their website is called American Mary, how cool is that?

My choice, then, of late, has been to listen to them selectively and not allow my mind to feed any alcohol leanings and see how it feels. So many of my favorite lyrics, I crave that too. Maybe I can rebuild this relationship. Yet I realize they may be ruined for me, just like gin and tonic, something else to miss sometimes, but for a greater good.


Written by xty

July 12, 2009 at 10:07

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